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Steering Control Units

The Hydraulic Steering Control Units from THOTH ,
  • Low Cost, Reliable
  • No Load reaction on the steering wheel comfortable.
  • Manual Operation available when the pump doesn’t work.
  • Low control torque, continuous operation
  • OEM, with different pressure levels available.
  • Different versions & capacities available.
  • Equivalent to DanFoss, M+S Models.  

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DHT '1' Series

DHM '3' Series

RFI '1000' Series Flow Indicator

RFIK Series Test Kit

FIK Series Test Kit

CTR-SR Series

CT Flow Meter:

Loading Valves HV 100/ 200/ 400/800/ 1500

Data Logger Kit HPM 420/ 540/ 110

HPM 6000 Hydraulics Data Acquisition System- 3 Models

Low Pressure & Medium Pressure Flow Indicators

Flow HUB

Digital test Kit DHCR1500R Kit

Temperature Sensors

Pressure Transducers