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HPM 110 Series

  • Pressures up to 600 bar (8700 psi)
  • Peak pressure - 10 ms scan rate
  • Back lit display
  • Rugged design
  • Accuracy (± 0.5% FS)
  • Battery operated

Using the buttons on the front panel the user can clear the peak value, display min, max and actual pressure, reset the zero point and change the engineering units Download Catalogue

HPM 4000 Series

  • The HPM4000 is the ideal entry level product for hydraulic fault prevention 
  • Complete range of sensors – pressure, pressure-temperature, flow, temperature, tachometer
  • Choose between SR and ID sensors
  • Up to 4GB memory and  Large 3.5 back lit display
  • Connectivity – Nano-USB and USB (cable)

Download Catalogue

HPM 540 Series

  • Readout with 2 inputs to measure Flow, Pressure, Peak, Differential Pressure, Temperature, Speed
  • Carry Case available
  • Automatic set-up with any Sensor Recognition (SR) sensor
  • Battery Powered rechargeable battery as standard
  • Switch between minimum and peak values
  • Large Clear two-line LCD
  • Online Logging model available, version 'C'
  • Differential Pressure calculated at the touch of a button
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HPM 6000 Series

  • Complete range of sensors – pressure, flow, temperature, tachometer
  • Intelligent digital sensors (CAN protocol) for easier wiring and auto configuration
  • Full colour 5.7 inch display
  • Internal storage for over 36 million readings – expandable to over 1 billion readings
  • Complete with HPComm version 7 – PC software
  • Connectivity – USB Host, USB slave, Ethernet
Analogue sensor inputs (HPM6116, HPM6216) including HPM-SR range, mA, volts. Please see our Hydraulic Sensors Section for more details. Download Catalogue
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DHT '1' Series

DHM '3' Series

RFI '1000' Series Flow Indicator

RFIK Series Test Kit

FIK Series Test Kit

CTR-SR Series

CT Flow Meter:

Loading Valves HV 100/ 200/ 400/800/ 1500

Data Logger Kit HPM 420/ 540/ 110

HPM 6000 Hydraulics Data Acquisition System- 3 Models

Low Pressure & Medium Pressure Flow Indicators

Flow HUB

Digital test Kit DHCR1500R Kit

Temperature Sensors

Pressure Transducers