Dynex /Rivett – U.S.A - Modular Valves

Modular Valves

High Pressure VSW Series Modular Valves

Max Flow: 38 lpm

Max Pressure: 700 bar

  • Perfect for use with Dynex high pressure HP03 Directional Control Valves.
  • Available in Check, Relief, Decompression Functions.
  • Suitable for use with some water-based, fire-resistant, and other special fluids including water glycol, various military fluids, and Skydrol and other phosphate ester fluids.
  • Used on machine tools and other demanding industrial, mobile, and marine applications.
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Low Pressure Modular Valves

Maximum Flow/ Mounting

DO3 (CETOP 3) Pattern: 23 lpm

D05H (CETOP 5) Pattern: 76 lpm

D05 (CETOP 5) Pattern: 45 lpm

Rated Pressure: 210 bar

  • Available in Check, Relief, Counter Balance, Pressure Reducing, Pressure Compensated Flow Control, Non- Compensated Flow Control Functions.
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