Webtec Products Limited – UK

Flow Indicators

Low Pressure and Medium Pressure Flow Monitors
  • Economical solution, accuracy 4% FS
  • From 0.5 up to 550 lpm at 240 Bar
  • Switches and analogue output available
  • Suitable for oil, water - Glycol & phosphate ester
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Flow indicator
  • Unidirectional, up to 400 lpm and 350 Bar
  • Optional relay switch
  • Optional thermometer
  • Available in Aluminium for Oil, or Brass for water
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Flow Meter

Gear Flow Meters
  • Flow rate : from 0.1 to 150 lpm
  • Pressure up to 420 Bar
  • Output options: 4 to 20 mA and Frequency
  • Bi-directional operation
  • Seals: NBR(Nitrile]/others available
  • Internal parts: Gears: DIN 1.4122 SS
  • Accuracy +/-1% of Indicative Reading
  • This gear type flow meter has a built-in micro-controller that linearises and conditions the signal from the Flow meter. This enables due to connect directly into your Digital Display / PLC
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CT Series Flow Meters
  • CT Series Flow Meters
  • Pressure up to 480 Bar
  • Temperature: 120°C
  • Outputs available : mA, V, Pulse, SR and CAN
  • Bi-directional
  • For use with oils, fuels, phosphate- esters
  • Ports : BSP or SAE, inlet / Output ports
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CTR Series Flow Meters
  • 3 Models cover range 10 - 750 lpm
  • Pressure: 480 Bar
  • Temperature:120°C
  • Turbine Flow Meter with Loading Valve
  • Bi-directional
  • For use with oils, fuels, phosphate-esters
  • Outputs available: SR and CAN, compatible with Data Loggers
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Flow Monitor with Switch
  • Easily adjustable, dry contact alarm settings
  • Available for Fluids or Air
  • Body material: Aluminium / Brass or Stainless Steel
  • Port sizes : 3/8" to 2"
  • Accurate within 2.5% over mid-scale, 4% FSD
  • Double break switches available on request
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Flow Hub

Flow Hub
  • Flow and Temperature monitoring - Measure, Display, Analog Output / Switch / Transmit
  • Pressure: 210/420 Bar
  • Accuracy 3% of full scale
  • 5 flow sizes : 1-360 lpm
  • Repeatability better than 1%
  • Temperature measurement built-in
  • Optional: Switches and Analog output (mA, V]
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Portable Digital Flow Testers

Digital Hydraulic Testers - DHT Series
  • Flow rate up to 800 lpm
  • Pressures up to 420 Bar
  • Temperature up to 120°C
  • Digital display for Flow andTemperature & Analogue Pressure
  • Flow accuracy 1% of full Scale
  • Easy to use
    Two models available:
    1. 10 to 400 lpm
    2. 20 to 800 lpm
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Digital Hydraulic Multimeter - DHM Series
  • All digital display
  • Measure Flow (1% IR], Pressure & Temperature
  • Calculate Power and Volumetric Efficiency
  • Two flow ranges: upto 400 lpm and 800 lpm
  • Measure hydraulic pump efficiency with P-Q test
  • Pressure upto 480 Bar Record data to robust, non volatile memory
  • Produce an electronic report for immediate email to customer
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RFIK Series Test Kit
  • Flow rate up to 200 lpm
  • Pressures up to 420 Bar
  • Temperature up to 110°C
  • Analogue display for Flow rate, Pressure and Temperature
  • 4-Flow ranges: 30, 60, 120 & 200 lpm
  • Built-in Loading Valve
  • No batteries required
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Rotary Valve
  • Maximun Pressure: upto 700 Bar
  • Maximun Flow rate:38 lpm
  • Temperature up to 110°C
  • Porting: BSPP, NPTF, SAE and O ring manifold, CETOP-3 / DIN3 manifold
  • Material: External parts in Stainless Steel. Internal components in Steel / also available in Aluminium
  • 7 flow patterns, 3 flow ratings
  • Spring center or detent action
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Data Loggers

HPM 7000 Series

The HPM7000 series is a highly versatile portable hydraulic data logger and the evolution of the HPM6000.

  • HPM7000 enables you to simultaneously measure up to 48 Webtec CAN channels. Alternatively, up to 5 External CAN Open channels can be connected. Two frequency inputs or Digital Input/ Digital Output with back compatibility with sensors that have Sensor Recognition (SR).
  • The 7-inch colour touch display is suitable to use with gloves and additional large tactile buttons at the right of the screen to ensure operation even in adverse conditions.
  • Complete range of sensors - pressure, flow, temperature, RPM, contamination.
  • Connecting to a PC with a USB slave and USB host allow the unit to stream to a PC or laptop and allow for the connection of additional storage.
  • There are a variety of different data logging modes with the ability to data log up to 16 million measured values per test at a variable interval from 1 ms, with a total possible storage size of 12GB (approx. 250 measurements).
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HPM 4000 Series
  • Two models available upto 6 channels
  • Internal Memory upto 15000 data records
  • External Memory 1GB included - supports upto 4GB
  • Full colour 3.5 inch backlit display for Quick and easy readings
  • Connectivity USB Host, USB slave, Ethernet
  • IP 67 rated for extreme conditions
  • Complete with HPComm software
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Digital Pressure Gauge - HPM 110 Series
  • Pressure measurement up to 600 Bar
  • Accuracy of ±0.5% Full Scale
  • Peak pressure 10 ms scan rate
  • Optional data logger version with real-time clock records both current measured values, min and max values
  • Measurements of up to 24 hours
  • Stored measurement data is transferred to a computer or laptop via USB interface to a CSV file format
  • Battery Operated with Back Light Display
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Sensors & Transducers

Pressure Transducers
  • Accurate (± 0.25% Full Scale]
  • Economically priced
  • Rugged design
  • Outputs : 4 - 20mA, 0-5V
  • Stainless Steel wetted parts
  • Both Bar and PSI ranges available
  • Port Connection : ¼” BSPP
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Temperature Sensors
  • Temperature : 0 - 150°C
  • Line Pressure allowed upto 480 Bar
  • Outputs 4 - 20mA, 0-5V
  • Thread: 1/4" BSP, 1/4" NPTF, 7/16" UNF
  • Port Connection : ¼” BSPP
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Flow Divider Valves

Variable Flow Dividers

Aimed at mobile and industrial applications the VFD190 can be used for controlling hydraulic motor and cylinder speeds by manually adjusting the flow rate.

  • Working Pressure (Max): Up to 420 bar (6000 psi)
  • Total flow capacity: 50 USgpm (190 lpm)
  • Material: Steel components in cast SG iron body painted black; aluminium knob
  • Weight: 7.7 to 8.8lbs (3.5 to 4.0Kg)
  • Mounting: Two bolt - M8 or 5/16”
  • Clearly marked single-turn hand dial permits fast visual adjustments to pre-determined ‘Priority’

Pressure compensated permitting both ‘Priority’ and ‘By-Pass’ to be used simultaneously at varying pressures without affecting the ‘Priority’ flow rate.

The VFD120 design has also been optimised to reduce energy wastage by minimising the pressure losses across the valve, resulting in a significant reduction in running costs

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Flow Divider -Combiner

A 3-port pressure compensated flow divider-combiner, ideal for driving two cylinders in close unison regardless of individual loads or flow direction

  • Pressure compensated to keep the two split flows at the same ratio regardless of pressure variations between them.
  • Maximum Rated Pressure: 420 Bar
  • Maximum Total Flow: Up to 140 l/min
  • Unequal division of the two split flows available. From 50/50% to 90/10%.
  • +/-1.5% accuracy between the two split flows, based on valve rated maximum flow.
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Combination Valve - Variable Priority flow divider with Directional Control CV120 Series

The CV120 valve is a very compact valve where a variable priority flow divider is combined with a directional control valve in one body. This reduces both cost and size by reducing the required number of hoses and fittings and allows for a more compact installation.

  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 250 Bar
  • Total Flow Capacity: 120 lpm
  • Regulated Flow Capacity: 0 - 95 lpm
  • Choice of BSPP and SAE ports
  • Material: Steel components in a cast. Iron body: aluminium knob
  • Weight: 8.9 kg
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